Plactherm is a revolutionary intelligent underfloor heating system.


It is remotely controllable, self-installable, removable, reinstallable, highly efficient, sensorized, compatible with renewable energies and environment friendly. For new constructions, renovations and outdoor spaces. Multisectorial (homes, office, hotels, smart cities, historic buildings…) and worldwide exportable. Reducing 30% consumption, obtaining data thru IoT with a much higher comfort.

Plactherm is a patented heating system based in multiple intelligent tiles with the capacity to heat and obtain data. All the tiles are managed by the Controller. Tiles and Controller have our own designed hardware and software.

Each tile is a multilayer product (sensors, electronics, isolation layer + more, much more).

The system is controlled using a smartphone, tablet or computer using our App or webpage thru the cloud. The system has access to external Big Data, like weather forecast for a better anticipation of the heating needs. For a better optimization, the system has an algorithm based on CFD simulations.

Room temperature could be customized by zones, providing higher comfort and over 30% energy savings. With the extra value of creating a domotic room.