Teaching “How to design with composites” to engineering degree in product design and mentoring final degree projects.

The University Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design trains future professionals to design, re-design, manage and develop products. These skills and techniques allow them to transform a design idea into an industrial solution.

Students learn to analyse and determine the needs of product users, identifying innovation and market opportunities. They do so in a unique framework of synergies between engineering and design which distinguishes the exclusive ELISAVA educational offer. Students acquire the skills necessary to manage resources and social, scientific and technological expertise.

Thus, the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design trains professionals who are skilled in all areas of knowledge, multidisciplinary work and project experience required to carry out and manage the entire life cycle of an industrial product: designing for efficiency and reducing products’ environmental impact in all stages of its life cycle. By closing the circle, these professionals become vital figures when it comes to minimising uncertainty in the project phase.

Exploded view is teaching some masterclasses “How to design with composites” inside materials subject.